About Us

About KSC

KSC PUBLIC SCHOOL sprawling educational campus, located in Anthiyur is designed with an environment, vital for the next century education. The infrastructure aims at the holistic development of a child. Each student is ensured to be blessed with the best facilities. Here CBSE Curriculum is tailored with a multi-dimensional child-centric approach, which is both interactive and pragmatic. The curriculum both in terms of content and methodology is 21st century relevant and meets the highest learning standards.
Its teaching technologies will give students an edge to face the future with confidence. At KSC Public School, children are nurtured to be self-sufficient with a never ending urge for learning. The students are engaged with a wide variety of activities to explore and experience new arenas, discovering their talents. The aim and goal here is to ensure that we understand every child’s needs, rather than just teaching what we want them to learn. KSC PUBLIC SCHOOL mission is to educate, encourage and inspire the students to think, empathize, communicate and persevere to win with self- discipline.